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On Thursday, May 30, 2019 Lakeview Schools Educational Foundation (LSEF) acknowledged both the donors of 15 of the scholarships they awarded and the 20 students who received them. The event was held at Lakeview High School. This year LSEF awarded $42,000 in scholarships to both graduating seniors and Lakeview adult students continuing their education. Chuck Crider, Chairman of the LSEF Board made the introductions and presented the scholarship certificates. The goal of the reception was to have the students and donors meet to have a personal connection with the funds they are receiving and the donors.

At the event Beth Herbers, Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee made the following comments, “There were many deserving applicants but you set yourselves above in the aspect of grades, community involvement or extra-curricular activities, character, and perseverance.  We are confident that you will continue to grow and make a great impact in the community.   I heard someone say recently that they were really excited but really scared about something new in their life. How many of you feel that way? We’ve all had that feeling…and that feeling, that anxious  feeling, means you are being challenged, that you are capable of achievement, that life’s not going to pass you by. You are merging in, well prepared to get to your destination and reach your dreams!

Lakeview Schools Educational Foundation is very proud to help with student scholarships.  LSEF continues to pursue ways to increase funding to continue helping students in the future.”

Below are the scholarship funds and the recipients:

  • Andert Family Scholarship - Ms. McKenna Evans
  • Barbara, Henrietta & Jack Curtis Scholarship - Ms. McKenna Evans
  • Judi Dolezal Memorial Scholarship - Ms. Nyah Rae McDonald
  • Marie & Frank Eldridge Memorial Scholarship - Ms. Co Ngoc Tran Nguyen
  • Al Leibert Scholarship - Ms. Elizabeth Ngun Cer Sung
  • LSEF Board Scholarship - Ms. Breh Ruger, Mr. Brenden Barnes
  • Minges Family Scholarship - Mr. Brenden Barnes
  • Minges Family Scholarship Renewals - Ms. Karlie Champion, Mr. Soroosh Sabouni, Ms. Kaitlyn Yarnell
  • Marjorie A. Pastor Scholarship - Ms. Abigail Caswell, Ms. Audrey Kelly
  • Rev. George & Jean Seifert Memorial Scholarship - Mr. Marcus Amaro
  • Theodore N. Thomas Scholarship - Mr. Augustine Vanlianuk, Ms. Co Ngoc Tran Nguyen
  • Vosburg Scholarship - Ms. Manpreet Chauhan
  • Robert M. Ward Scholarship - Ms. Ngun Tin Sung
  • Lakeview High School Class of 1961 - Ms Brittnee Chappell, Ms. Karissa Lee
  • Lloyd W. Heselschwerdt - Ms. Isis Woods, Ms. Haven Chane
  • Pathways Scholarship - Ms. Lillian P. Shenefield