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Healthy Snack Guide

At Minges Brook Elementary School we work hard to ensure that students’ minds and bodies are ready for learning each day. In addition to the hard work our teachers and staff do every day to prepare students for success in the classroom, we can also work to encourage healthy eating and physical activity, leading them to lifelong success. By helping them start healthy habits early in life, we can help reduce our children’s health risks and increase their chances for longer, more productive lives.

Lakeview School District has adopted a healthy treat policy for holiday parties and student birthdays. The following list is designed to help parents support healthy food choices. The Minges Brook staff greatly appreciates you for:

★ Honoring your child’s birthday by sending non-food treats such as stickers, pencils, or a class book to add to the classroom or school library. ★ Ensuring all food sent to school for birthday celebrations promote a healthy food choice (see attached list for healthy snack alternatives) ★ Asking your child’s teacher what non-food or healthy rewards/incentives they are utilizing in the classroom. ★ Becoming involved in planning school holiday parties that include games, crafts, and healthy foods & drinks. ★ Participating in brainstorming ideas for healthy, non-food focused fundraisers for the school.

To encourage your participation in this plan, attached to this letter you will find suggested food and beverages. These items are consistent with the intent of the district’s Local School Wellness Policy and will promote healthful eating among our students.

As educators, caregivers, and loved ones we all want the best for our students. Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy opportunities to celebrate important events and achievements.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the school. We are looking forward to making our school the healthiest it can be so our students can do their best work.


Heather Fausey Riley, Principal Minges Brook Elementary