• Google Resources:

    • Anything that is “Google” can be accessed when your student is logged into the Chrome web browser and Google.com with their district provided email and password.
      • If you are using a district Chromebook you will automatically be logged into the browser when you log into the device. 
      • If you are using a device other than a Chromebook you will need to log into the Chrome web browser.
    • Other usernames/passwords/codes/links your student needs to log into programs will be provided by their teacher(s)
    • Please use this Parent Question/Support Request form if you need assistance with setup or access to your student’s remote learning. 

    Google Classroom:

    • If your student hasn't logged into Google Classroom before, this video will help you navigate your first time logging in.

    Zoom Meetings:

    • Zoom is a tool that many of our teachers are using in order to have face-to-face meetings with their classes. If you've never used Zoom before, this tutorial will help you get your child into their first meeting.