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    Welcome to Spanish with Mrs. Erin Ormsby. 

    You can either call me Mrs. Ormsby or you can call me "Maestra" which means "teacher" in Spanish. 

    This is my twelfth year as a Lakeview Spartan teaching Spanish 2, 3, 4 and independent study 5.  I am originally from Bay City, Michigan and having been a student of Spanish myself for the past sixteen years.  I have spent time studying and traveling throughout Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, and Argentina and I have also lived in Cancun, Mexico.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in English and Spanish education at Michigan State University, eighteen continuing education credits in graduate level Spanish classes at Western Michigan University, and a Master's in TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

    The majority of my family is still in Bay City so I enjoy "vacationing" there on the weekends as often as possible.  When I go, I'm accompanied by my husband Joel, my son Elliot (4yrs), and my dog Marti.  (The cats, Elmo and Ezra, have to stay at home.) 

    In addition to visiting family, I also enjoy traveling to Spanish-speaking places, Amish country, photography, scrapbooking, music, and watching my favorite TV shows: Ace of Cakes, Friends, Army Wives, and Young and the Restless.

    As a teacher and as a learner of languages, I believe that the most important factor in one's success is his or her motivation to achieve.  I also believe that it is crucial to gain an understanding and appreciation for the cultures in which different languages are spoken.  I am passionate about every aspect of langauge and therefore as your teacher, I will strive to inspire a similiar passion within you.  I will incorporate a variety of activities to address your individual learning styles and expose you to aspects of culture that are sure to intrigue and motivate you.



    My schedule for this semester is as follows:                      

    1st block - Spanish 2

    2nd block - Spanish 3

    3rd block - Spanish 2

    You can reach me by email at:  eormsby@lakeviewspartans.org

    or phone: (269) 565-3843


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