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    Phone: 269-565-3882/w

    Schedule Trimester  #1

    1st Period - General Physical Education

    2nd Period - Court Sports

    3rd Period - Health/Personal Fitness


    4th Period - Health/Personal Fitness

    5th Period - Court Sports

    6th Period - Planning

    My name is Heather Sawyer.  I teach in the Physical Education Department at Lakeview High School.  This is my 15th year at Lakeview and 22nd year of teaching overall.  

    I prepared for teaching by attending Western Michigan University where I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education.  I am certified K-12 Physical Education and 7-12 Health. I completed a Masters Degree from Western. It is an M.A. in Education, with an emphasis in Sports Studies.   

    I enjoy my subject matter and my students.  I get the most satisfaction from seeing the students make the connection between the theory and the practical portions of the physical activity and having a healthy lifestyle.

    My husband Mark and I enjoy travelling, spending time at our cottage up north and being active in the outdoors. 

    I am currently the Varsity Volleyball Coach, Assistant Girls Track Coach and I am the Ski Club Advisor during the winter.

    Outside of school, I read for pleasure, listen to music, roller blade, swim, bike, hike, camp, canoe/kayak, snowshoe and downhill ski .  Of course, I play a little volleyball now and then.

    Stay in life!



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