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  • Let's Get Moving
    This year we are all using physical activity breaks during Morning Movement as well as within our own classrooms to provide students time to energize and refocus. The goal of Morning Movement is to activate students’ brain function to maximize learning whereas breaks during the day are quick activities to get students up and moving before or after sitting for longer periods of time. Research tells us that these types of movements help kids learn, pay attention and focus.  

    We want every child to participate in these movements as it will help us all with our learning. Please note that children will be outside for Morning Movement starting May 1st. We have noticed some students waiting in their cars instead of participating. Just so you know, those students will be marked tardy when they enter the building, so please have them join us instead. 

    Energizers are educational, too—they have simple but important nutritional messages or can be used to practice math and spelling skills. You can insert quick physical breaks in your day too! Practice math facts while doing jumping jacks, walk the dog and spell words with every step, or just simply climb the stairs when you need a boost of energy!

    Birthday Books


    Working together, the Riverside Staff is trying to promote healthy living by eating right and being active throughout our daily lives. We know that birthdays are a great time of year for celebrations and fun memories. However instead of feasting on sweets we, the Riverside Staff, are asking for your help in feasting on our love for books.


    Therefore rather than sending in a birthday sweet treat, we are asking that you send in a birthday book.  However if you would still like to send in a treat, please send in a fruit or vegetable to help us maintain our healthy school environment, like fruit kabobs or a vegetable tray.  So let's join together to make Birthday Books a way to celebrate!



    Learning to Love Reading

    Reading is a part of everyday life and will continue to be all throughout 2nd grade! However sometimes it can be challenging to find a book that is "just right" as well as interesting. So to help, try checking out the websites below with your child to search some fun, new, and exciting books!



    Math Fact Practice 

    Check out the amazing Math Links that can help your child begin, and continue to, practice their math facts throughout the year. Just click on the link to the left "Let's Practice Math"



     Raz Kids!

    We have been gifted with a subscription to Raz Kids from our wonderful PTA. Students are learning to use this the first week in January but are encouraged to use it at home as well. Please click on the link below and use the username:

    Thank you Riverside PTA

    Our Specials Schedule


    SMART Time 9:55 - 10:25

    Lunch 12:05 - 12:40


















    2017-2018 School Calendar 

    September 4th - Labor Day, No School

    September 5th - First Day of School

    September 15th - ½ Day for Students October 4th - Student Count Day 

    October 20th - ½ Day for Students

    November 10th - ½ Day for Students November 20th - ½ Day for Students & Teachers

     November 21st - ½ Day for Students & Teachers 

     November 22nd - 24th Thanksgiving Break, No School 

    December 1st - ½ Day for Students 

    December 20th First Day of Winter Break (Wednesday) 

    January 2nd - Last Day of Winter Break (Tuesday) 

    January 15th - MLK Day, No School 

    February 7th - Student Count Day 

    February 9th - ½ Day for Students 

    March 8th - ½ Day for Students & Teachers March 9th - ½ Day for Students & Teachers  March 16th - ½ Day for Students 

    March 30th - April 6th Spring Break, No School 

    May 4th - ½ Day for Students 

    May 28th - Memorial Day, No School 

    June 3rd - Graduation 

    June 7th - ½ Day for Students & Teachers June 8th - ½ Day for Students & Teachers Last Day of School 

    School Day Start & End Times for Elementary School

    Full Day – 8:40 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

    Half Day – 8:40 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.