Mrs. Nickert's Third Grade Information - 3rd Grade Information


    Welcome to 3rd grade!

    I am very excited to get to know you and your child over the course of the school year.  We are going to have a wonderful year as your child continues to grow in all subject areas!

    Thank you to all of you parents who sent snacks in for the class.  It is greatly appreciated for those who don’t have any.

    At this time we have 23 students in our class, 13 boys and 10 girls. It looks like we have a really nice group of kids!  J

    I have included the Friendship List with this monthly packet.  If you, by chance, forgot to sign your child’s info at MYTN or if you change your mind and would like to include your child, just fill in the info on the list and send it back with your child.  I will print off a new one next week.  J

    Riverside uses a literature based reading program, which includes trade books, independent reading, small group reading, and cross-curricular reading to integrate whole language and literacy learning activities.

    Writing is an important part of third grade. We will focus on using supporting details, description, and voice.  We will also concentrate on having a good beginning, middle, and ending to each story.  The students will receive whole class, small group, and individualized teaching points that will support them as they continue to develop their writing skills. 

    We have a new math program this year.  It is the Bridges Program.  This includes daily Number Corner activities along with the daily lessons from the math text books.  There are a lot of hands-on materials for the students to help them master the specific concepts. 

    The Science Units this year will be taught by Mr. Olian.  He does a great job sparking the students’ interest in science. There will be a lot of fun and interesting experiments that they will be performing throughout the year.

    There are five units in the Social Studies curriculum.  They are Digging in The Past, Michigan’s Changing Inhabitants, The First People, Economic Development, and Michigan’s Citizens and Government.  There are a lot of trade books and activities included in the program. 

    Students are allowed to bring their own snacks for the morning and the afternoon.  They may also bring a water bottle to keep at their desks.  Gum is permitted also, as long as it isn’t bubble gum and it doesn’t become a problem.

    Lunch time is from 12:05-12:40.  Recess is first, beginning at 12:05. This is why I encourage hand sanitizer to be kept in the students’ lockers. The playground equipment is not the cleanest thing to touch before eating. We have morning recesses most days, except for the Tuesday afternoon recess.

    Your child will bring home a calendar, newsletter, and book orders every month.  You may order your child’s books online if you would like.  Go to  My class activation code is HWN4V.

    Riverside School promotes healthy eating and no longer accepts sweet treats to celebrate students’ birthdays.  We are asking that IF the birthday child wants to bring something to celebrate, he/she may bring a gently used book from home to give to the class instead.  Your child can share it with the class and then write his/her name inside the cover to donate to the class. Your child may also bring a healthy snack if he/she wishes.

    As you can see, we have a busy year ahead of us, and I will do my best to make learning fun and motivating, as I believe that a child must have a happy and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.  My class phone number is 269-565-4777.  My email address is lnickert@lakeviewspartans.orgJ