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Mrs. Day

My name is Mrs. Day! I teach kindergarten and robotics. Thanks for visiting my site. 

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     Thanks for visiting our class webpage.  I will do my best to keep this page updated as much as possible with important classroom and school information. 
    Please keep checking back for updates. Our Classroom News is updated weekly.



    Some Things We Are Learning in Kindergarten That You Can Practice At Home:

    • Counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's
    • Counting items and moving them as we count them
    • Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10.

    • Writing and recognizing our numbers to 30
    • Patterns
    • Shapes
    • Money
    • Writing our letters the correct way
    • Writing our sight words

    a  go like the

    am  here  look  this

    and  I  me to

    at   is  my  up

    come  in  on we

    it  see said was

    were went with

    could got would

    should day did


    • Writing narrative and informational stories
    • Recognizing our letters and the sounds they make
    • Reading our sight words
    • Reading



    Send in your Box Tops!


    We are a Tree Nut Free Classroom!



    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


    Mrs. Day’s Special Schedule

    Monday-   Art 

    Tuesday-   Music


    Thursday-  Gym

    Friday-    Music

    There is a link below that will take to you a video about a day in the life of a Riverside Kindergartener.



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