• Big6 problem solving

    When you have an assignment or need to do research, use the
    Big 6™ Information Problem Solving model.

    Follow these six steps as you go about finding information.

    1. Task Definition

    • Restate the assignment in your own words.
    • For help in deciding on a research topic, see the Idea Generator
    • When is the assignment due?
    • What is the final product that you must turn in?
    • What information do you already have and what do you need to know?
    • Use the Task Definition Organizer to plan your work for this assignment.

    2. Information Seeking Strategies

    • Brainstorm and identify sources available for your assignment.
    • Which sources are the best for your assignment?
    • Examples of useful information resources are listed below. Visit the Database Page



    Information Portals

    Destiny catalog

    eBook K-8 collection  Britannica School 

    Willard Library

    Middle Search Plus DK Find Out!

    Michigan eLibrary

    Gale in Context

    World Book Online

    3. Location & Access

    • Find the sources and get your hands on the information.
    • What are your key words?
    • Where is the information located within each source?

    4. Use of Information

    • Engage in your source to gather information. Read, view, listen and take notes.
    • What information is available in each source?
    • What information answers your question and is helpful for your assignment?
    • Remember to cite your sources!

    5. Synthesis

    • Organize information from all sources to share your results.
    • Create a product (written report, PowerPoint, poster, video, podcast, etc.) in your own words.
    • Consider using some cool new presentation tools!
    • Remember to do your own work and to respect copyright guidelines.
    • How can you best present and communicate your information?

    6. Evaluation

    • Judge your final product and the process that you used to complete your assignment.
    • Did you complete the entire assignment on time?
      Did you meet the criteria outlined by your teacher and use the number and type of resources required?
    • Did you correctly cite all of the sources  used for you research?
    • Did you paraphrase all of the information in your assignment?
    • Is the final product your best work?
    • What might you do differently for your next research assignment?