Final Exams 2014

Spanish 1A Final Exam 2014

A.You’re explaining your town to a new exchange student from Costa Rica. Describe the seasons and weather in your area. Discuss the things you and others like to do during the each season. Then tell something you do, something your friends do, and something you and your friends to together during the current season (use conjugated verbs).
B.You are introducing yourself to a new exchange student from Spain who doesn’t speak much English yet. Tell your name, age, and where you’re from, and describe what activities you like and dislike. Talk about school and your classes. Explain what items he will need to have for different classes. Don’t forget to ask the other person questions about himself, too. 
C.You and a friend are discussing your classes for next trimester. You have already taken some of the classes she will have. Tell her about your classes and the teachers of those classes (personality and appearance) as well as what students do in those classes (use conjugated verbs). Then tell her about at least three classes in your new schedule including when they are. End with a question for your friend.