Spanish 3 - What to Expect

  • Here are some of the the things you'll do in Spanish 3:



    • Use vocabulary associated with camping and the ranch life within the context of learning about South American Gauchos.
    • Acknowledge the importance of and identify legendary role models as part of every culture.
    • Discuss athletics and sporting events in Spanish and recognize athletics as a universal element uniting cultures throughout the world.
    • Communicate about past events using regular AR, ER, and IR verbs.
    • Function within the setting of and communicate effectively with airport, train station, and hotel personnel in a Spanish-speaking country.
    • Create a presentation in Spanish about a vacation you have taken.
    • Describe daily routines in Spanish using vocabulary associated with personal hygiene, grooming and beauty.
    • Use vocabulary for driving, traffic safety and the “anatomy” of a motor vehicle.
    • Give directions and make requests using formal and informal commands.
    • Read, interpret, and discuss more extensive amounts of text including authentic texts such as magazine and newspaper articles.
    • Use more sophisticated grammar structures and verb conjugations in both spoken and written means of communication.

    Day to Day Information


    Daily assignments and due dates can be found by navigating to the homework and calendar links.  You can also monitor your progress and assignment status on PowerSchool.  In the event that you are absent, some handouts given in class will be available via the homework link.  However, if it's not there, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get one from me (Maestra) when you come back to school.

Gaucho Cowboy from Argentina

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