Spanish 2 - What to Expect


    Here are some of the things that you will do in Spanish 2:



    • Develop functional literacy within the realms of family, and common forms of entertainment.
    • Observe interactions, customs and rituals of other cultures and their people in order to identify commonalities between those and your own as well as to gain greater perspective and deepen your insight.
    • Assume the role of a Spanish-speaker in the context of a Mexican family in order to achieve a greater appreciation and understanding for its culture and values.
    • Discuss how the roles people assume within the realm of keeping a home often reflect the influence of gender and the society in which they live.
    • Use idiomatic expressions and increasingly more sophisticated grammar structures and verb conjugations in both spoken and written means of communication.
    • Read, interpret and discuss text written in Spanish.
    • Apply your knowledge and understanding of Spanish grammar and vocabulary in order to develop strength in writing skills.
    • Give commands in Spanish.
    • Describe and discuss personal interests, family life, household routines and school life in Spanish.

    Day to Day Information


    Daily assignments and due dates can be found by navigating to the homework and calendar links.  You can also monitor your progress and assignment status on PowerSchool.  In the event that you are absent, some handouts given in class will be available via the homework link.  However, if it's not there, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get one from me (Maestra) when you come back to school.

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