Spanish 1

Spanish 1A Final Exam TASK

Choose 1 of the following prompts to talk about.  Make sure you sign in with your COMPLETE name AND class period.  EX:  Julie Killian, 5th hr.  You do not need to include your e-mail address.  Make sure you click SAVE WHEN YOU ARE DONE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-DO THE TEST!


A.       You’re explaining your town to a new exchange student from Costa Rica.  

  • Describe the seasons and weather in your area. 
  • Discuss the things you and others like to do during the each season.  
  • Then tell something you do, something your friends do, and something you and your friends to together during the current season (use conjugated verbs).


B.     You are introducing yourself to a new exchange student from Spain who doesn't speak      much English yet. 

  • Tell your name, age, and where you’re from, 
  • Describe what activities you like and dislike. 
  • Talk about school and your classes.  
  • Explain what items he will need to have for different classes. 
  • Don’t forget to ask the other person questions about himself, too.


C.    You and a friend are discussing your classes for next trimester.  You have already taken some of the classes she will have.  

  • Tell her about your classes and the teachers of those classes (personality and appearance) 
  • Talk about what students do in those classes (use conjugated verbs).  
  • Then tell her about at least three classes in your new schedule including when they are.  
  • End with a question for your friend. 


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