Costa Rica trip 2009

  • Looking for something to do on Spring Break?  Why not join us on an all inclusive trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica!  Practice your Spanish with native speakers, try traditional foods, learn about the culture and lifestyle of the people in this amazing country!  This is a 10 day trip to Costa Rica.  You will learn about the many different aspects of a foreign land.  We will hike through the rain forest and learn about many rare species of butterfly, frogs, sloths, monkeys, and much more at the National Institute of Biodiversity as well as biodiversity trails.  We will also see a lagoon.  Next will visit beautiful volcanoes overlooking the Central Valley and see one of the largest craters in the world that contains a sulfurous lake that changes color.  Here we will also get a chance to see geysers and active fumaroles.  Then we will relax in natural hot springs filled with water heated by the nearby volcanoes.  On day three will will do some kayaking on Lake Arenal with beautiful senery all around - mountains, windmills and the Arenal Volcano.  After this we will visit one of Costa Rica's most spectacular waterfalls and see some amazing wildlife.  You will visit a Costa Rican school and see what the children and their school is like as well as share some homemade refreshments with them - this is by bus or horseback as an option.  On the 5th day we will go to a famous Cloud Forest which is a special type of rainforest rich in diverse plant and animal life and located near the continental divide which creates a rare combination of wind and moisture to form clouds and fill the forest with several types of moss.  Here you will leave your mark by planting a tree.   Later we will walk on suspension bridges through the top of the Rain Forest and also partake in some thrilling zip lines through the trees to see up close one of the most fascinating ecological systems from atop the trees.  After much adventure, the next day is a free day spent on the Central Pacific Coast, which boasts some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world.  The next day we visit a local town and learn about the people and traditions.  We will experience some local storey telling where we will learn about the rich cultural tradiotions of the region through folklore, we will eat a traditional meal and enjoy Marimba music and dancing.   The last day we get to experience the nature via boat, as we cruise down the Sarapique River in a raft!

    An amazing experience that will look great on any resume - college or job.  This trip is not for the lazy hearted, we will do lots of hiking and adventure type activities - so be ready to go go go!  We will also have time to relax and enjoy ourselves. 

    If this sounds like a trip for you please click on the link to view my PowerPoint of the details and price quotes, and don't hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail with questions/concerns!


    Mrs. Tripicchio

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