My Booklist

  • This is just a starter list of some of my favorite books--a mix of contemporary poetry and classic children's books.  Enjoy!

Japanese Language Study

  • Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary

    Kodansha's Essential Kanji Dictionary

    by Published by Kodansha Year Published: Challenging
    This kanji dictionary is all the beginner needs. It includes stroke order, pronunciations, and the most common usages and combinations. Small enough to fit in a back pack, but large enough to impress those who have not gone beyond 'z'.
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  • The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictiona

    The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary

    by Published by Tuttle Year Published: Challenging
    For only the most serious Japanese students (college majors). Not only does this dictionary contain every Japanese kanji character, it includes historical tables and ancient names of places in Japan. At 3 inches thick, this dictionary can also double as a door stop. Not practical for carrying around in back packs unless you are impersonating Quasimodo.
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Japanese Literature

My Fun Reads

  • On Beyond Zebra

    On Beyond Zebra

    by Dr. Seuss Year Published: Easy Reading
    Conrad Cornelius O'Donald O'Dell learns that there are letters out there that go beyond 'z'. Great illustrations!
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  • Poetspeak: in their work about their work

    Poetspeak: in their work about their work

    by No Author Text Year Published: Average
    I read this book when I was in high school, and through it I discovered some of my favorite poets. These are not dead poets! These poets are alive, and in this book they comment on the inspiration for their poems. Really interesting if you are curious about how writers write.
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  • Sailing Alone Around the Room

    Sailing Alone Around the Room

    by Billy Collins Year Published: Average
    Billy Collins proves that poetry can be written in contemporary language, reference pop culture, and have a sense of humor, and still be great poetry.
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  • The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

    by Bill Waterson Year Published: Easy Reading
    Really, any Calvin and Hobbes book is great, but I like to read the commentary by Bill Waterson about his inspirations for different strips.
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  • The Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni

    by Nikki Giovanni Year Published: Average
    This book gives a good over view of the work of Nikki Giovanni. Her topics range from racism, to relationships, to love, to self-reflection, to politics, but the language is always direct.
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