• Personal Fitness - Health

    When your student completes this course, here are some of the things he or she should know and/or be able to do:


    -         Explain the benefits of exercise as it pertains to mental and Social health

    -         Explain the basic components of fitness

    -         Discuss the benefits of aerobic exercise

    -         Explain the role of essential nutrients and vitamins.

    -         Discuss how media and family affects nutritional choices

    -         Explain consequences of substance abuse

    -         Discuss a reasonable emergency plan

    -         Define first aid

    -         Define human sexuality

    -         Develop a basic understanding of STI’s

    -         Define HIV and AIDS

    -          Participate at individual level in life long activities introduced in class



    Classroom Units:

    -         Physical Fitness & Nutrition


    *    Medicines & Drugs

    -         Stress & Relationships

    -         Human Sexuality and STI's





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