Air Force Football

  • Court Sport - Flag Football


    Can be played with up to 9 players on a team, and can be played indoors or outdoors. The field should be longer than it is wider with cones used to determine the side lines and end zones.




                  Touch down = 1 point (in class)

                  **Class rules may be modified to 1 point for boys and 3 points for girls.



    Down- when the ball becomes dead. Four downs (or tries) are allowed to score a touch down, or cross the centerline.

    On the fourth down if the offensive team doesn’t score or reach the centerline, the ball gets turned over to the other team at the line of scrimmage.


                  Dead ball- the ball becomes dead when:

                a. the ball carrier is ‘tagged with two hands becomes

    b. when any part of the ball carrier’s body other than the hands and feet touch the ground

                c. an incomplete pass (no catch, no control, drops the ball)  


    Fumbles: are dead as soon as the ball touches the ground. The ball will be spotted for the next down from the point where the ball first touched the ground, if the ball lands parallel to or behind the ball carrier. If the ball lands in front of the ball carrier, it will be spotted from the point where the

    player fumbled the ball. (Exceptions: Fumbles that land in either end zone.)


    Snapping, Handing, and Passing the Ball

    Legal snap: The ball must be snapped with one fluid motion from the ground. Legal snaps need not be through the legs.


    Passing Plays

    A forward pass may be made from any point behind the line of scrimmage. Handing the ball forward will not be considered a forward pass.


    Lateral Pass: a short pass thrown or tossed parallel to the line of scrimmage or slightly backward from the position of the passer.