Course Outline/Syllabus


    Instructor:            Ms. Sawyer/1st Block                                          Location:              Main Gymnasium


    Course Description:

                    This is an elective course open to all students in grades 10 through 12 who have passed Personal Fitness.  Lifelong fitness is emphasized through participation in air force football, ultimate Frisbee, tennis, team handball, jogging, lacrosse, indoor/outdoor soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, pickle-ball, badminton and basketball. Cooperative and competitive games as well as overall fitness will be addressed in this course.  A 20 minute continuous run will be completed before the end of the semester as an exit skill and skill testing for each activity/sport will be administered at the end of each unit.


    Curricular Objectives:

    1.       Students will demonstrate competence while participating in the activities listed.

    2.       Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behaviors while participating in the activities above.

    3.       Students will demonstrate knowledge of the rules pertaining to the activities in both written and practical formats.


    Materials or Supplies Needed:

                    Students need to provide their own towel, workout clothes and shoes.  The workout clothes MUST be different than those worn to school that day!  Locks may be rented for a fee of $5.00.  Only school locks may be used in the locker rooms.


    Late and Make-up Assignment Procedure:

                    **Points lost due to medical or excused absences may be made up.  It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher for all make up work.  The teacher, at the request of the student, will establish ‘agreed’ make up times.  Only one make-up session per day may be done.  A make-up session will last 60 minutes and the teacher will determine this.  The number of points earned will be the equivalent to the most recent absence.


    *All make-up sessions must be done within two weeks of the day the student returns from the absence, suspension or medical excuse.  This must be arranged by the student.


    Evaluation/Grading Procedure:


    There will be Common Summative Assessments (CSA’s).  CSA’s will be given at the end of each unit. (A unit will consist of 3-4 different activities/sports approximately). There will be a 20 minute continuous run completed at the end of the semester.  There will also be skill assessments for each activity and these will be cumulative over the semester and will factored into the Final grade at semesters end.


    *All students begin the semester with 200 points.  Any deduction of points that occur during the first marking period of a semester and total more than 180 will carry over to the second marking period of that semester.


                    Deductions will occur in the following instances:

    1.       Non-dress day                                      10 points

    2.       Misconduct                                           2 – 10 points depending on severity

    3.       Non-participation day                        up to 10 points (see below)

    -          Running counts as part of the daily grade…points will be deducted based on the amount of time not running.

    -          Dressing and choosing not to participate in the activity will result in a deduction of points.

    -          Dressing and not doing anything would be a 10-point deduction.

    4.       Unexcused Absence                            10 points

    5.       Excused Absence                                                10 points

    **ONLY if not made up within 2 weeks of return to school





    Attendance/Grading Scale/Tardies:


    *See the Student Handbook for exact clarification.



    Classroom Expectations/Rules:

                    Students are expected to treat others with courtesy and respect.  No one may leave the area without permission.  All students are expected to treat all facilities and equipment properly.


    1.       You are expected to be in class everyday and on time. 

    2.       You must be dressed in proper clothing in order to participate.  This includes a T-shirt (complete with sleevesJ) shorts, sweat shirt, sweat pants, and gym shoes.  (NO hats, sunglasses, coats, etc).  These must be clothes you did not wear to school.  Failure to dress will result in a loss of points and/or a referral.  You may not participate unless you are properly dressed. PLEASE TIE YOUR SHOE LACES!

    3.       Your cell phone must be locked in your locker during class. There is no reason for you to have it with you during class.  *Spartan Code and Student Handbook policies are in effect.


    **Plus phones/technology gets in the way of your, they are bulky and get in the way of your new ‘fitness status’!  J


    4.       Showers are not required after class, but are highly recommendedJ. 

    5.       Lock you locker!  You are responsible for your locker and all of its contents. LOCK IT OR LOSE IT!

    6.       No profanity, sexual comments, obscene gestures, or put downs will be tolerated at any time!  Disrespect is an issue that will not be tolerated at any time as well.  All issues of harassment will be dealt with according to handbook guidelines.



                    Much of what a student learns and is graded on deals with facts, concepts, and theories, which are presented and discussed in class.  In addition, other learning processes take place, which may not be measurable, but are most important to the student’s overall growth and education.  Some of these processes may involve the exchange of ideas and attitudes among class members, the interaction between individuals and a trained teacher, and the enrichment and supplementary experiences provided through the teacher’s expertise.  Since attending class is the only method for students to avail themselves of these kinds of learning experiences, absences from class have a direct effect on their education, and subsequently on the grade earned. 


    Substitute Teacher Procedure:

                    A substitute teacher is a guest in our classroom and should be treated as such.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior in my absence will be more severe than for the same offense committed when I am present.


    Extra-Help Opportunities:

                    I am available by appointment both before and after school if necessary.

    How to Contact Me:

                    During school hours, I may be reached in the following ways:

                                                    Voicemail:           565-3882 (leave a message and I will get back

           to you ASAP)