Floor Hockey


    Tips to Remember

    • A combination of ice hockey and basketball
    • It follows similar rules as the National Hockey League
    • The most significant difference is the elimination of face-offs
    • Play the puck and not the opponent
    • Sticks must be carried and used below the waist, never raised
    • Checking is forbidden
    • Players should anticipate the movement of the puck
    • Play is continuous and players should be constantly moving
    • A goal is worth one point
    • Players sticks are not allowed in the crease (goal area)
    • Floor Hockey became a competitive game in Battle Creek first!

    Types of Shots

    • Forehand
    • Backhand
    • One time
    • Snap Shot
    • Wrist Shot
    • NO SLAP SHOTS IN CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Playing Area

    • Any basketball court can be used
    • Midcourt is the center line
    • Center circle is the ‘face off’ area (play begins here after a goal or penalty.
    • The goal area should be at least 5 feet wide


    • Standard team is played with two teams
    • 6 players per team (center, 2 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goalie)
    • Players should remain in their positions during the game
    • You should know the court and where each player should be on the court


    • ‘Official’ floor hockey rules deems that one team begins the game at the center
    • ‘Officially’ after a goal has been scored, play resumes from the center line by the team scored upon (class rules are we take it to a ‘3 tap’ face off)
    • The puck may not be advanced, caught or held in the hand, except by the goalie…it may be stopped and directed to the floor immediately


    • A goal is scored when a player hits, sweeps or pushes the puck into the goal with his/her stick directly…or deflects it off one of his teammates or a defensive player
    • A player may advance the puck with his/her feet but he cannot kick it directly into the net to score


    • The sole person permitted to catch the puck and can ‘officially’ do so only when he is in the crease (class rules were more flexible due to safety concerns)
    • The goalie must be given room to either throw or pass the puck to a teammate

    Out of Bounds

    • If the puck crosses the boundary of the playing surface, the last team to touch it loses possession
    • Play resumes where the puck went out
    • Class rules dictated that the goalie was to receive the puck and play continued


    -          Body contact is permitted if the player is ‘playing the puck’

    -          Intentional blocks are penalties

    -          Interference

    -          Charging

    -          Elbowing

    -          Cross Checking

    -          Slashing

    -          Butt Ending

    -          High Stick

    -          Trip

    -          Hook