Singles Play

    • When the score is even, the serve is from the ‘right to right’ diagonal
    • When the score is odd, the serve is from the ‘left to left’ diagonal
    • When a point is made/won by the server, the server alternates service courts



    • Always start serving from the right service court
    • Always serve diagonal
    • Contact the shuttle below the waist
    • If you miss the shuttle it is a ‘fault’
    • A shuttle touching the net on a serve and goes into the correct service court is Legal & In Play
    • Preferred serve – long & high in singles
    • Backhand-low-short & a Drive serve are good changes of pace
    • Hand Down – when the server faults
    • A player may hit the shuttle only ‘once’ on a side  J
    • If a tiebreak game is needed, the players switch sides at 6pts…the game can

    be played to either 11 or 15 points.

    • When playing doubles – it is called an ‘inning’ when both players ‘serve’


    • A fault is made by a player on the serving side is a loss of serve called a Hand Down
    • A fault made by the side receiving the serve is called a Point for the serving team


    Doubles Play

    • Strategy…partners can play ‘up & back’, ie, one covers short along the net and the other covers ‘deep’ in the back court
    • Option…partners can play ‘side by side’ and each player covers their ‘all’ of their half
    • The start of the game in doubles only allows the ‘first server’ to serve…when a fault (hands down) is made, the opponent serves from the right service box…when another loss of point/fault is made the ‘second’ player then serves
    • You must honor the serving order within doubles play




    • Vary your serve
    • Serve/place shots to opponents backhand
    • Drop shot tactics – force your opponent to RUN/MOVE side to side/front back
    • Do not use high clear shots too often…it sets up a ‘smash’ easily
    • Anticipate your next move