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    Basketball Review


    Ø      Benefits of playing: aerobic & anaerobic, importance of teamwork, play both indoors and outdoors

    Ø      Key Points/Passing:

    Chest Pass – forward step/ weight transfer, hands at 6 & 9, thumbs down and elbows extend

    -         quick direct pass

    Bounce Pass – forward step/weight transfer, hands at 6 & 9, ball bounces ¾ of distance to target, follow through and wrist flick

                - use it to get around a defensive player


    Overhead Pass – can use a step, two hand on the ball and thrown in with an over the head motion (can not touch the side line if used to inbound the ball)


    Ø      Dribbling: finger tips push the ball, snap the wrist, push it in front of body, waist height or lower

    Ø      Free Throw:     square feet and shoulders to target, eye on the rim, knees bent, elbow/hand behind & under the ball, one motion, follow through, wrist snap

    Ø      Lay Ups: right hand & left foot/left hand & right foot (opposition)…2 steps allowed with lay-up

    Ø      Traveling - 1 or more steps while holding the ball

    Ø      Up & down – you have possession of the ball, you are in the act of shooting and you land with ball still in your hands


    Ø      Blocking – stepping in front of the offensive player when they have the ball


    Ø      Charging – offensive player being overly aggressive when the defensive player has a strong and set position (ex. driving to the basket)


    Ø      Double Dribble – there are 2 options…1) two hands pushing/dribbling the ball at the same time or 2) the player dribbles with one hand, stop dribbling/catches the ball and then puts it down in the dribbling motion for a second time


    Ø      Websites:         International Basketball Federation (


    §         National Basketball Association (

    §         Women’s National Basketball Association (