Types of Contacts:

    1. Underhand Pass – the forearms are used to return a serve or a spike
    2. Overhand Pass/Volley –the hands in an ‘open position’ are used to ‘set’ the pass from above the forehead up to the player for a spike or to make a pass to the setter

    q       a player can receive serve using the overhand pass and a player can also receive a spike/hard driven ball using the overhand pass

    1. Spike – an overhead/throwing type action used to forcefully drive the ball downward on the opposite side of the net
    2. Block – a person jumps off two feet near the net and extends their arms/hands upward to stop a spike at the net (the hands may penetrate over into the other teams playing area)
    3. Serve – an overhand throwing/striking type motion…the skill is used to initiate the play/rally (it is also considered an offensive weapon and a player may serve from anywhere along the baseline)


    Tips to Remember:

    1. Volleyball is a team sport.  It originated in Holyoke, Mass., 1895 by W.G. Morgan and was considered a ‘gentlemen’s’ game.
    2. Communication is essential on the court.
    3. Each team is allowed 3 contacts per possession (this does not include the block).
    4. If the ball lands on the line, it is in.
    5. NEW RULE – RALLY SCORING - A team may score a point if they win the rally.  It does not matter if you served or not.  It is considered a ‘double positive’ play due to the fact that you not only win the point, but also you get possession of the ball to serve.
    6. An official indoor volleyball team has 6 players on the floor at one time.
    7. Players should roll the ball under the net when giving it to the other team between plays.
    8. In class play, servers should call out the score for everyone to hear prior to the serve.  Call out your own score first.
    9. If the ball contacts the ceiling on its way over the net, it is a dead ball.  If it contacts the ceiling and comes back on our own side of the net, it may be played, provided it was not the 3rd contact.
    10. A player may not contact the ball 2 times in a row (unless it is after a block).
    11. NEW RULE – LET SERVE- The ball may touch the net, and go to the other side and it is considered legal/playable.
    12. NEW RULE - The first team to get to 25 points wins the game, and the team must win by 2 points.
    13. An official match is either 2/3 for tournament play, or it is 3/5 for conference play.
    14. Players on the court rotate clockwise around the playing area.


    Illegal Contacts/Moves:

    1. Underhand pass done with the palms open.
    2. Throwing the ball over the net (holding & redirecting the ball)
    3. Double hit (contacts the forearm & shoulder for example)
    4. Stepping ‘all the way over’ the centerline.
    5. Stepping over the baseline when serving.
    6. Touching the net with any part of the body.
    7. The ball is playable off of any body part.