Match – can be 2/3 or 3/5 ‘sets’


    Game – a player must win four points (by 2 points)


    Sets – a player must win 6 games to win a ‘set’ (you must win by 2 games – if not then it’s possible to play a ‘tie break’ game).


    Serving – from behind the baseline. The first serve is made from the right side of the court and is served ‘cross court’/opposite service box.  Next point is served from the left (repeat until game is over).


    0 points – Love                               40-40 Tie                                           - Deuce

    1 point – 15                                      Server’s Advantage                       – Ad In

    2 points – 30                                    Receivers Advantage                    – Ad Out

    3 points – 40                                    Ball not in correct service box    - Fault

    4 points – Game                             


    *Server’s score is always announced first




    • Spin the racquet to decides who serves first (in class we either ‘assign’ it or ‘rock-paper-scissors’).
    • Make sure opponent is ready before serving.
    • Wait until play is over before retrieving the ball from another court.
    • Make calls quickly & honestly.  Re-play the point if no decision can be reached.



    • Baseline – line which one stands behind to serve
    • Doubles Alley – area along the sides of the court that are used when playing two on two


    • Ground Stroke – forehand or backhand swing from the baseline/backcourt


    • Let – a serve that hits the top of the net, yet lands in the correct service box


    • No Man’s Land – the area ‘not’ be caught in during the play…too deep to play a short volley or not deep enough to get the deep shot – between the baseline and service line