Social/Emotional Education and Support

  • Counselors at Lakeview High School each hold master’s level education and state licensure and/or certification in counseling as it pertains to mental health. We provide mental health services to students in three main ways: preventative education, responsive services, and consultation/referrals. We know that significant numbers of students at LHS deal with challenges associated with depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, and other mental health issues. An important part of our mission is to help students overcome and cope with such challenges that often stand as barriers to their education.

    Preventative Education

    All students receive preventative education in suicide prevention and stress management through both their health classes and classroom guidance curriculum delivered by the counseling staff. Topics covered include recognizing signs of suicide and depression in peers and in oneself, appropriate actions steps when recognizing those signs, identifying trusted and supportive adults, common myths concerning suicide ideation and depression, and coping strategies for dealing with life stress.

    Responsive Services

    Counselors meet with students individually by appointment to provide social-emotional support and at all times, at least one LHS counselor is available for immediate walk-in appointments in the case of mental health emergencies. These types of emergencies may involve suicide ideation, self-harm, and working with students whose emotional state prevents them from functioning in class. Counselors are trained to help assess students risk levels in relation to suicide ideation and self-harm and use a standardized assessment tool to help asses risk uniformly in such circumstances. Though students’ sessions with counselors are bound by confidentiality, counselors will contact parents and/or Summit Pointe’s mobile crisis unit for further consultation and collaboration when necessary and appropriate.

    Consultation and Referrals


    LHS counselors have ongoing working relationships with numerous mental health providers in the area such as Summit Pointe, Family and Children’s Services, Starr Commonwealth, Lutheran Social Services, Oaklawn Hospital, and others. Through our work with students, we try to identify those who may benefit from ongoing counseling or other mental health services and to connect those students and their families with appropriate resources. We also have a therapist in the building from Grace Health who is available to students who need ongoing support and who may have transportation issues or other barriers that prevent them from making it to therapy outside school hours. LHS counselors can help with a referral to Grace Health when necessary and appropriate.


    Referral Resources


    Family Health Center of Battle Creek - 269-966-2625

    The Family Health Center provides medical, dental, health, and helping services to the Battle Creek community, including services for those who are uninsured or on Medicaid.


    Summit Pointe/Behavioral Health Resources - 269-966-1460

    For nearly half a century Summit Pointe has been helping people with mental health issues and developmental disability reclaim their independence, regain confidence and learn skills necessary for success.


    Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County - 269-245-3924 or 24 hour crisis line at 888-383-2192

    Sexual Assault Services runs through Bronson Battle Creek and offers support, answers questions, and refers to resources for victims of sexual assault.


    Department of Human Services - 269-966-1284

    Provides food assistance, housing assistance, health care assistance, and other related services.


    211 Help Line - Dial 211

    211 is run locally through HandsOn Battle Creek and can help with Food, Rent, Utilities, Prescriptions, Home Rehabilitation, Home Repair, Emergency Shelter, Diapers, Legal Aide, Transportation, Hearing/Visual Aides, Clothing, Health Insurance, Substance Abuse, Household Goods, Donations, Support Groups, Literacy, Dental Care, Medical Care, Child Care, Car Seats, Public Assistance, and much more.