Dual Enrollment

  • What is Dual Enrollment?

    Dual enrollment involves a student taking a college course in place of one of their high school courses and having it paid for by the district. Students in grades 9-12 are potentially eligible to take courses through dual enrollment. There are some limitations to this:

    • Students may only dual enroll in courses not offered at their high school or in courses that they are unable to access because of scheduling conflicts at their high school.
    • Students must fulfull any required prerequisites for the college course of interest.
    • Students may not take activity based or religious courses through dual enrollment.
    • Dual enrollment courses must be at least 3 college credits (thought they will transfer in as 1 high school credit.
    • The school may deny access to dual enrollment courses for students who may not have the academic maturity or responsibility to succeed in college courses.

    Though dual enrollment courses can be taken at any college, our students most commonly take them at KCC. We have also had students take courses, though, at WMU, Albion, and online through several post-secondary institutuions.

    Steps for taking dual enrollment courses

    1. Meet with your counselor. We will discuss possible courses to be taken through KCC or another post-secondary institution.

    2. Once a course is identified, the student must fill out dual enrollment paperwork with their counselor. This requires a counselor signature, a principal signature, parent signature, and student signature. Depending on the course, the student may need to either have a qualifying ACT score or take the COMPASS test, which is a placement test KCC provides. For compass testing times, visit KCC's test center site.

    3. Students must then register for the course through KCC or the institution they wish to attend. This is a process that is separate from schedule requests at the high school. Requesting dual enrollment through Skyward or Career Cruising DOES NOT guarantee a student a place in a KCC or other college course. The student must also follow through with the rest of the process.

    Grades and Credit

    All dual enrollment courses count as .75 high school credit. A student's grade will appear on their high school AND college transcript and will figure into the cumulative GPA for both.