Legacy Scholars

  • Kellogg Community College

    What is Legacy Scholars?

    Legacy Scholars is a program in the Battle Creek Area that provides scholarship to students attending Kellogg Community College within 5 years of high school graduation. Depending on grade of entry to the eligible district, this could be a 50%, 75%, or 100% tuition scholarship.

    Who qualifies for a Legacy Scholarship?

    For information regarding eligibility, check out the Legacy Scholarship Eligibility Requirements under "related files" at the bottom of this page.


    What do I need to do to receive the Legacy Scholarship?

    In addition to many suggested activities, there are three main requirements that all eligible students must do in order to access the Legacy Scholarship. The first is to apply to KCC. If students have not yet completed a KCC application, this can be done on their website at http://www.kellogg.edu/admissions/index.html. The next step is to complete a FAFSA. This can be completed any time after January 1. A student's parents should file taxes prior to completing the FAFSA, as it requires information provided on tax forms. The third step is to complete a Battle Creek Community Foundation scholarship application. A student who meets eligibility critera and completes these steps will be eligible to utilize the Legacy Scholarship.

    For more information regarding eligibility, contact your LHS counselor, visit the Legacy Scholars page at www.legacyscholars.org, or contact Beth Luckock, Legacy Specialist, at beth.luckock@battlecreekcan.org.

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