Scholarships for studentsd who identify as LGBTQ

  • Scholarships for students who identify as LGBTQ

    Student Debt Relief/LGBTQ Scholarships links

    Students from the LGBT Community can face a number of hardships simply because of discrimination.  The businesses and organizations listed on this link have stepped in to make sure that every opportunity is available to deserving students. You can access this list at

    Deadline: See individual scholarships at the link above.

    Point Foundation Scholarship

    Point Foundation ("Point"), established in 2001, was initially funded by a grant from Bruce C. Lindstrom & Carl T. Strickland. Point is what it is today—the premier, national LGBTQ non-profit organization designed to nurture the LGBTQ leaders of the next generation. The Point Scholarship is a "last provider" basis. It fills in the gaps and provides funds not provided by other scholarships, loans, work/study programs, etc. When the scholarship funding is robust, the average yearly scholarship amount provided is $10,000 per year for up to four years. There are two parts to the application process.  After completing Part 1, email notifications will be sent to qualified applicants who are then given access to Part II of the application. More information and the application can be found at

    Part I Deadline: January 19     Part II Deadline: February 1

    Terry Kuseske LGBT Youth Scholarship

    Eligible applicants will be attending college in the state of Michigan, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and have demonstrated interest in service to the LGBT community. For an application, stop in to the counseling office or go to

    Deadline: May 18