Test Preparation

  • Test Preparation:  ACT, SAT, MME, AP



    Learning Express:  Learning Express offers assistance in practicing for the ACT, SAT and various AP tests.  You can access their site through the Guidance Department site.  You must enter the school district’s website at www.lakeviewspartans.org.  Next, select the following in this order: high school, guidance and counseling, testing, test preparation.  Finally click the Learn A Test label as it is a link to the website.  The ACT tests are listed under College Entrance Exams.  There are also excellent references for assistance with reading, writing and math improvement.  If you are a first time user, you must register your username and password.  If you are a returning user, click on returning user and log in. 


    Prep Factory: This site provides SAT prep activities. 


    Mometrix Academy - ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and other test preparation. They have several tutorial videos organized by test, section, and individual concepts. They are all free.


    www.4tests.com: 4tests.com offers free practice testing for both the ACT and SAT.


    www.studyguidezone.com - Test preparation for a variety of standardized tests, including ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and more.


    www.testdatescentral.com/act-test-dates.html: Test dates are available along with tutorial videos for the ACT.


    www.actstudent.org:  Official site for ACT – offers test information as well as preparation activities.  Test prep activities include test taking tips, test day tips, writing tips, sample questions and other products which can be purchased.  This is an excellent place to start to get acquainted with the ACT test and format.  


    www.acttestquestions.com: This website offers free ACT practice questions arranged by sub-section.


    www.collegeboard.com:  Official site for SAT – Offers test information as well as preparation activities.  Activities include an SAT Preparation Center with quizzes, practice tests and skills analysis.  This is an excellent place to start to get acquainted with the SAT test and format.  



    www.act.org/compass/student/index.html:  Check here for information regarding the COMPASS test, including test-taking tips and practice questions. The COMPASS is used for placement at Kellogg Community College.


    www.learnerator.com - This site offers preparation specifically for AP exams along with ACT and SAT preparation.


    www.compasstestprep.com - This site offers preparation specifically for the Compass test, which is a placement exam often used by post-secondary institutions.


    www.military.com/ASVAB: This website offers free test preparation assistance for the ASVAB, which is the standardized test required for enlistment in the military.



    We will provide additional information periodically through email, school announcements, and/or newsletter regarding any other local test preparation options. An SAT prep course is also available during the day in most years at LHS. Students can sign up for it just like they would any other elecive class through their Xello course planner.