Michigan Merit Exam (MME) Testing

  • What - The Michigan Merit Exam (MME), the state of Michigan’s state-wide test for juniors, has recently replaced the MEAP test.  The MME is used primarily for school accountability purposes and is how schools demonstrate Adequate Yearly Progress for No Child Left Behind.  The test is made up of many components taken over three days.  Schools state-wide will give the test to all juniors over the same days in March.  The first component, taken on day one, is a free, college-reportable ACT plus writing exam.  The second component is made up of several sections of the Work Keys Exam.  The Work Keys Exam is a test developed by ACT.  The third component is made up of tests in math, science and social studies designed by the State of Michigan to ensure that all of Michigan’s benchmarks have been tested.  


    When and Where - The MME will be administered in March at Lakeview High School.  Students will be registered by the Student Service Center staff.  More information will be provided through letters home to parents. 


    Why - All students are required to take the Michigan Merit Exam.  No students are exempt.  Lakeview High School is required to demonstrate that 95% of it’s enrolled junior class were tested in order to qualify for Adequate Yearly Progress.  There are incentives for students to test.  Students who test receive a free college-reportable ACT score.  This is a $51.00 benefit to students. There is also a possibility of tax benefits for parents of students who have taken the MME. 


    How - The Student Service Center staff will register all students for the MME.  Juniors are required to report on the mornings of the administration of the MME with pencils and a calculator.