Technical and Vocational School Information

  • We have a growing number of students who go on to technical or vocational programs upon their high school graduation. Some examples of these might be auto service or repair, HVAC programs, electrician, cosmetology, massage therapy, or other such programs that may involve certification or licensure rather than associate or bachelor level degrees. Locally, one of the most common post-secondary institutions offering vocational certification programs is KCC's Regional Manufacturing and Technology Center, or RMTC.

    In addition to providing a search tool for traditional 4-year colleges and universities, Xello also provides a tool for searching for two-year programs and colleges throughout the country. All LHS students have a Xello account available for use. If a student does not know their personal login, they can contact their counselor for that information.

    We also have resources in the counseling office to help students explore thier options pertaining to vocational programs. Students are welcome any time to work with their counselor or on their own to solidify their future goals.