Two-year College and Community College Information


    Each year, about 60-65% of LHS graduates go on to attend a two-year college or community college. The vast majority of these students choose to attend Kellogg Community College, but there are certainly other options outside the Battle Creek area. There are two groups of students who attend these schools. One group may attend with the goal of transferring to a four-year school after beginning at a community college. Students may choose to do this to improve their academic record in hopes of gaining admission to another school or they may be taking advantage of the often less expensive tuition costs at the community college level. A helpful link to exploring this option is This website has a great amount of information on course equivalencies among many colleges, universities, and community colleges. Most four-year colleges and universities also have course transfer guides available on their websites. Another group may attend with the intent of completing one of the many associates degree programs or certification programs avaible at the community college level.

    The counselors work with both of these groups of students in helping them to attain their educational goals. If students are thinking of a community college soleley to save money, we encourage them to apply also to the four-year institutions they hope to attend. It can be surprising how effectively the cost gap can be accounted for through scholarships and financial aid. For more information on this, please visit the scholarships and financial aid page on our website.

    Most community colleges, such as KCC, have open admissions. As long as a student has graduated from high school, they may work toward a degree or transfer program. The application to KCC is very straight-forward and we often have students complete it with our guidance in the counseling office. If a student is interested in community college in another location, we are also available to help them research and apply. College Board and Xello also offer search tools that are very helpful in the search process for two-year institutions.