Elementary Virtual Academy

  • There are many reasons for educating your child outside of a traditional classroom.  Lakeview Virtual Academy is part of the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) through Oakland Schools. VLAC offers a choice for parents who are looking for virtual, home-based learning for their child, and who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. VLAC’s instructional model provides individualized learning plans that meet your child’s specific needs.

    • The VLAC experience consists of a partnership among students, faculty, parents, peers and both academic and technology support teams.
    • The foundation of the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium program is the world-renowned Calvert Education curriculum. Calvert has been the trusted leader in distance learning for over a century, serving students and schools in all 50 states and over 60 countries. Calvert’s curriculum is used by public, private, virtual, charter and international schools, as well as by families, to successfully educate children. 
    • Students who enroll in VLAC will be provided, at no cost, the equipment (including computer, printer/scanner and internet access) and materials needed to participate in virtual learning using the Calvert curriculum. 
    • Each student will also receive a tailored program of learning designed to meet their specific educational needs and goals, and will receive instructional oversight by highly- qualified Michigan teachers.  You can be confident that your child will thrive through VLAC.

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Is my child eligible?  Eligible students include residents of the Lakeview School District or students that enroll through Schools of Choice. Students must also meet the state age requirements to enroll in kindergarten and are less than 6 years old as of Sept. 1 of the current school year.

    How much does it cost?  Virtual Learning Academy Consortium is provided by Oakland Schools in partnership with local school districts. All tuition, materials, equipment and services are fully funded. There is NO cost to families.

    How is my child’s grade level determined?  Grade level is determined on a case-by-case basis using a placement test. Our placement team and your child’s supervising teacher will use the results to help you determine an appropriate course of study, establish academic goals for the year and plot achievement milestones. An individualized learning plan and clear learning objectives maximize your child’s potential.

    Do I need Internet access at my home?  Yes, Virtual Learning Academy Consortium offers a blend of traditional and online instruction. If needed, internet access and computer equipment is provided to enrolled students.

    How much time will be required online, per day, per week?  The Calvert program is a blended program. Students may access the lessons and complete some activities online. The amount of time online will vary depending on the student and the lesson for that day. Other activities, such as reading texts, novels, completing worksheets, labs and some projects will be done offline.

    What is my role as a parent?  As the learning guide, you review daily objectives with your child, prepare
    materials for the day’s lessons, monitor task completion and pacing and provide direction and assistance as needed. You can undertake your role with complete confidence knowing you are fully supported by a team of highly qualified Michigan teachers.