General Ed-Tech Tools

  • Audio/Video Editing Software 

    • Binumi (Edit video based stories)
    • Kapwing (Create video based stories, gifs and images
    • Soundtrap (Create songs, narrative and audio recordings online — collabortive)
    • Voki (Narrate, create avators, record voice)
    • WeVideo (Video Editing online)

     Blogging or Student Portfolio Tools

     Brainstorming/Polling Tools

    Classroom Management Systems (LMS)

    Communication Tools

    • Remind (Class Text Alerts — for parents and/or students)
    • Bloomz (Classroom Information Feed — protected website, has special parent login too)
    • Band (Communicate with groups and teams)

    Interactive Lecture Tools

    • Nearpod (Interactive lessons — self-pace or group)
    • Peardeck (Interactive lecture)
    • Actively Learn (Import any article or document and have students engage with document via quiz or short answer)

     Interactive Formative Assessment Tools

    • GoFormative (Formative assessments — personalize or differentiate)
    • ClassKick (Formative assessments — personalize or differentiate)
    • Socrative (Formative assessments — personalize or differentiate)
    • Wizer Me (Interactive Worksheets)

    Online Annotation Tools


    • Screencastify (Screencast to show your steps on your screen)
    • (Screencast to show your steps on your screen)
    • Loom (Screencasting)
    • FlipGrid (Whiteboard screencasting)

     General Creation Tools for Projects

    • Adobe Spark (Create Digital Storybooks or Infographic posters)
    • Animaker (Make animations)
    • Buncee (Create Presentations, Websites online)
    • Collabrify (Collaborative writing, drawing, presentations, etc...)
    • gdoc
    • Greenscreen app (Green screen a video easily)
    • Pixton (Comics)
    • Piktochart (Create Infographics)
    • Prezi
    • Soundtrap (Create songs, narrative and audio recordings online — collabortive)
    • Sock Puppets (Create a sock puppet show with audio)
    • Stop Motion App (Create an easy stop-motion movie)
    • Sutori (Create Interactive Timelines)
    • Sway (Digital Storytelling)
    • Visme (Create engaging presentations, professional infographics, and other stunning visuals online.)

    Video Reflection Tools

    • FlipGrid (Video/audio reflection tool)

    Interactive Quiz Games

    • Kahoot! (Create a quiz game for class)
    • Quiz Bean (Quick Polls and Quizzes) 
    • Quizlet (Create a quiz game for class)
    • Quizziz (Create a quiz game for class)

    Social Bookmarking

    • Diigo (Share and store bookmarks in the cloud)

    Create interactive Games

    Video Conferencing