• Welcome to Kindergarten
    Lakeview School District is now enrolling students to start school next fall.  
    Our four elementary schools offer:

    • STEM specialized classrooms & instruction
    • Before and After School Child Care
    • iPads and Chromebooks in every classroom
    • Small group and individualized instruction
    • Robotics programming
    • Accelerated learning opportunities
    • Young Fives Early Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Welcome Packet

    Enroll Now -  Click Here to start the enrollment process. 

    Young Fives Early Kindergarten - Click Here for information on the Young Fives program.

    Child Care - Click Here to learn about Lakeview's child care program.

    Transportation - Click Here to learn about Lakeview's transportation services.

    Food Service - Click Here to learn about Lakeview's food service program.

Kindergarten Round Up Dates