Classroom News

  •  September

    Welcome back to school. It has been a great first week getting to know all of my students as individuals. We have decorated our writing journals, played games to improve our cooperative-learning skills, and worked to develop a strong awareness of procedures to support a safe learning environment.
    Your child may come home talking about HCRR. It stands for Honesty, Caring, Respect & Responsibility. We strive to build up not only the minds of all children here at Westlake but also their character.
    Reading homework will start Friday, September 16th. Students will turn in their reading homework each Friday and receive a new reading sheet. I will keep a copy of the reading sheet on my website if you need an extra. If your child can't find their sheet, you may fill out a note to let me know they did complete their reading. I try to keep it a simple process, because I feel strongly that reading should be a fun adventure not a chore. Please encourage your child to read beyond the minimum when possible. Strong reading skills are necessary for all content areas. Make a contest out of reading or make it a family event. 

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