Notes To Parents

  •  Dates to Remember:

    11-3-17= Picture Retakes

    11-8-17= PTA, 6:00, in the library

    11-10-17= Half Day for students, 12:05 dismissal

    11-17-17=Ice Cream Social/ Bingo and Book Fair, 6:00-8:00 in the gym.

    11-20 and 11-21-17= Half Day,12:05 dismissal

    11-22, 11-23, 11-24= No School, Thanksgiving Break

    12-2-17= PTA Craft Making Day at Riverside

    12-13-17= Holiday Music Program, 10:30 at First Wesleyan Church.

    Walk to School Day is Friday, October 6th In keeping with our district focus on Healthy Citizens, we would like to invite all students to “walk to school”.  Bus students will be able to participate, as they will be dropped off at the corner of Leland and Golden with Riverside staff supervising their “walk” to school.  Child Care students will walk with Ms. Sellers to the bus drop off point where they can begin their “walk back to school”. If you live away from the area, you can park in the lot to the south of the school by the soccer area and walk to the Morning Movement area.  Another place to park is the lot north of the school by the playground and walk the path to the Morning Movement area.  Parents are encouraged to walk with their child(ren), but we will have staff supervising the route. All students who participate will receive a foot token that threads onto the student’s shoe.  Students will continue their walk around the lower elementary playground until our Morning Movement begins at 8:35 am! Think Fit Friends! 


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    Let's Get Moving
    This year we are all using physical activity breaks during Morning Movement as well as within our own classrooms to provide students time to energize and refocus. The goal of Morning Movement is to activate students’ brain function to maximize learning whereas breaks during the day are quick activities to get students up and moving before or after sitting for longer periods of time. Research tells us that these types of movements help kids learn, pay attention and focus.  

    We want every child to participate in these movements as it will help us all with our learning. Please note that children will be outside for Morning Movement until Thanksgiving break. We have noticed some students waiting in their cars instead of participating. Just so you know, those students will be marked tardy when they enter the building, so please have them join us instead. 

    Energizers are educational, too—they have simple but important nutritional messages or can be used to practice math and spelling skills. You can insert quick physical breaks in your day too! Practice math facts while doing jumping jacks, walk the dog and spell words with every step, or just simply climb the stairs when you need a boost of energy!

    Fresh on Wheels!


    Every Thursday, here at Riverside, come and enjoy some fresh yummy, delicious and locally grown vegetables! This vegetable stand is located right outside of Riverside's main entrance from 3pm to 4pm.  All forms of payment are accepted, including Double Up Food Bucks. We hope you will come and enjoy all of these amazing goodies as well as support our very own local farmers. Hope to see you here!




    Special's Schedule

    Gym= Mon., Tues., Thurs..

    Music= Mon., Wed.


    Art= Mon.

    Spanish= Tues., Thurs., Fri.

    Computer Lab= Fri..



    If you would like to volunteer in our classroom, please see the "Attachment Notes To Parents" section of this web site for the application to be a volunteer. Thank you!

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