My Homework


    Homework Assignments  

    First Grade Math Expectations:

    (Students will work on this all year)

    *Students need to know their facts (addition and subtraction) to 20.

    *Practice writing and telling time to the hour and half hour .

    *Practice counting and writing numbers to 120 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10;s.

    *Strategies for adding (Taking the largest number and adding on...)

    *Counting backwards (Subtraction strategies)

    *Addition and subtraction to 20. Practice their "Doubles"! (2+2, 9+9, etc.) Practice with Flash Cards!

    *Addition and subtraction by "10" from any number on the 120's chart.

    Literacy Homework:

    *Read every night for 20 minutes!

    We are working on writing a personal narrative story.