Healthy Choices

  • Healthy Choices

    We have been working hard here at Riverside Elementary and in Lakeview School District to promote healthy choices among our students and families.  There are many ways we do this throughout the year.  Here are a few examples...

    1.  Summer Lunch Program- Meet Up and Eat Up- a free breakfast and lunch program for students 18 years and under all summer long!

    2.  Birthday Books- at Riverside, we no longer allow unhealthy birthday treats.  Instead we encourage families to donate a new or gently used book to their child's classroom library.  On your child's celebration day they  (or their teacher) will read the book to the class.  Their name will be written in the book and placed in the classroom library to be cherished for years to come.

    3.  Brain Breaks- Research has proven over and over again how kids need breaks and LOTS of them in order to continue to learn.  At Riverside and in my classroom we do lots of different breaks such as: Yoga, Dancing, Stretching, and even some Cardio.

    4.  Healthy Choices- In our classroom we have a few minutes of Healthy Choices time every week. This is where we sit down and talk about things we can do to help promote healthy living.  We will talk about our feelings, nutrition, exercise,  hygiene, friendships...anything that can help us be healthy inside and out.

    5.  Tasty Thursday's- Every Thursday we will have the chance to try a healthy treat.  It might be fruits, veggies, dairy or grains.  We will highlight what we tried in our weekly newsletter.