Essential Words and Spelling Features


    Spelling Features

    Ideas for games at home: 

    -          Write words with finger in sand/shaving cream/rice

    -          Spell words using Playdoh/clay

    -          Spell words using magnetic letters

    -          Rainbow write the words (use a different color for each letter)

    -          Silly Spelling (write the words with a silly handwriting)


    Words from the Essential Word List to work on for Final Sounds:

    and                  eat                  it                     room

    best                end                  keep                still

    big                   find                 look                 walk

    book                first                most                what

    car                  from               next

    door                if                     open

    down               in                     part


    Words from the Essential Word List to work on for Short Vowels:

    back                dog                  help                 let                   run                  up

    best                fast                 him                  man                 sat                   went

    big                   get                  his                   men                 set                   will

    but                  got                  just                 much               tell                  with

    can                  had                  last                  not                  that                yes

    did                   has                  left                 ran                  this


    Words from the Essential Word List to work on for Digraphs:

    children          should                      the                              there            those

    father           show                       their                           these            thought

    mother          something                  them                           they             through

    other             such                       then                            think             together


    Words from the Essential Word List (and some that aren't) to work on for Blends:


    first                            play                                                     flag

    friend                         tree                                                     frog

    great                           tried                                                   star

    just                             glad

    last                             play

    must                            drag                                                    slow

    place                           draw                                                    skip




    Attached you will find the list of words that all students are expected to be able to read and write by the end of 2nd grade.  We call the list the Essential Word List. 

    You can help support your child with these words by creating flash cards with the words on it, playing Go Fish, or Memory with them.

    You will find many of these words will be future spelling words

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