You are by no means obligated to provide snack for the class, however, if you can help us out by participating we greatly appreciate it! We accept any healthy snack donations throughout the year.  We will store it in the snack cupboard for when we need it.  If an unhealthy snack it brought it we will not be able to serve it in the classroom,however a different snack will be provided for that day.  Thanks for your help and understanding!

    Snack Ideas:

    -          Graham crackers

    -          Cheese Crackers

    -          Fruit

    -          Veggies

    -          Animal Crackers

    -          Fruit Cups

    -          Fruit Snacks

    Please no chips, cookies, brownies, etc. 

    -Please remember to bring a healthy snack for 25 students.

    -Please contact Mrs. Renoos if your child needs a book to give to the class for their Birthday Book. You are also welcome to bring a healthy snack on this day.