• To ensure the best education to all of our students, it is of utmost importance to have your child at school and on time everyday.  
    However, we do understand that children get sick and miss school sometimes.  Please see the information below to further understand our expectations:

    If you want to read our expectations verbatim, please see page 7 of the Elementary Handbook. However, the main points are as follows:

    “If a child has 5 absences without medical documentation, the absences may be investigated by school officials.”
     Please provide us with a note from the doctor, dentist, etc. if your child is absent due to a medical appointment. 


    “When a child has been tardy 5 times or has 5 early dismissals, parents will receive written notification.”
      Again, please provide us with a note from any medical appointments your child may have.  


    “When a child is absent, a phone call to the “Operation Concern” attendance line is required from the parent.” 
    The number for Operation Concern is 269-565-4725. Please make sure you call and leave a message!



    “Students will be considered absent for one half of the day if the absence exceeds 90 mins. of the morning or afternoon session.  Students are considered tardy to class if not inside the classroom when the class period begins.”
    Please make sure your child is on time!  


    “A child arriving late must report directly to the office.  The parent is expected to sign the child in at the office, or provide a written excuse explaining the reason for the tardy.”
     This is of utmost importance! 

    Thank you for your continuing support.  This will help us deliver the best education to all, especially if everyone is in attendance and on time!