Some Basic Information

  • Breakfast 
    Breakfast is available each morning at 8:25am when students arrive at school.  We ask that students who are going to eat please arrive at this time, so they have enough time to eat before school begins. A charge will be added to the student's lunch account for breakfast. 

    At the beginning of each month, your child will be provided with a lunch menu of the upcoming month's hot lunch choices.  Each morning, your child will be asked what their choice for the day is if they are eating hot lunch. 

    To make payments to your child's lunch account, you have three options.  You can send a payment in an enclosed envelope with your child to our classroom marked with their full name and "lunch money" on the front, make a payment in our school office, or make a payment online at:

    You also have an option to purchase milk for your child during their lunch time.  To purchase milk, you can choose one of the above payment options as milk is $0.45. 

    Our School Day 
    8:25am - Students may enter the building but are asked to wait in the gymnasium until the bell rings 
    8:30am - The bell rings and students may walk to their classrooms
    8:40am - Our school day begins 
    3:45pm - Our school day ends

    *For half-days, dismissal will be at 12:05pm*

    If your child's usual end of day plans change, you must send a signed note to school or call to inform our office at 269-565-4700.  If we do not receive notification of the change, we are required to follow the regular dismissal plan!

    Operation Concern 
    If you need to report your child's absence, 
    please call 269-565-4725

    If you have some extra time on your hands and would like to come in to volunteer your time in our classroom, we would LOVE to have you! However before you come in, we are required by law to have you have to fill out some forms.

    You will have to fill out these forms if you plan on spending anytime in our classroom which includes adult support (such as reading with friends or helping us with math facts), field trips, celebrations, etc.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but remember it is for the safety of our friends in our classroom!

     You can find the documents to fill out at our school office.  
    Please complete the application and bring it to the school or send it with your child to school.  

    Our PTA
    We have an amazing new board for our PTA this year.  Please take some time and look over their 
    website located at:

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