Beginning of the Year

  • Classroom Donations
    I am asking for donations of supplies that will help keep our room clean, tidy, and sanitary. If you can donate any of these, I would greatly appreciate it! 

    *Big Ziploc Bags
    *Small Ziploc Bags
    *Clorox Wipes
    *Hand Sanitizer
    *Box of Band-Aids
    *Dry-Erase Markers
    *Package of White Printer Paper

    Healthy Snacks
    We will be having snack time everyday!  
    I am asking that parents donate healthy snacks at the beginning of every month! 
    Please send in enough snack for the entire class, there are 25 friends in our class.  We will keep the snacks in our classroom and hand them out equally everyday.  

    Lunch Accounts
    If you wish to deposit money in to your child's account online, please visit
    School breakfast costs $1.40/day and lunch costs $2.60/day 

    Also if you would like an application for Free/Reduced Lunch please visit or stop by our school office. 

    If you would like to purchase milk to go with your child's cold lunch, it is now $0.45.  Please send this money with your child each day you would like them to purchase milk. 

    Operation Concern 
    If you need to report your child's absence, 
    please call 269-565-4725