• Dear Families:


    Research has shown that assigned homework has very little correlation with success in the classroom. As a matter of fact, some research indicates that assigned homework may do more harm than good.  Students work very hard in my class all day long. I feel that family time is extremely valuable, and one of the most valuable uses of time for children is play. Therefore, I will NOT be sending homework assignments this year.

    I recognize that many parents like to see homework in order to be involved and see what their children are learning at school. You will still have ample opportunities to be involved in your child's learning. Our classroom website always contains information about our current learning objectives.

    While I will not specifically assign homework, in the event that a child does not complete an assignment in class before the due date, he/she will need to complete that assignment as homework. There is always plenty of time given in class to finish work, so this should really only happen if a child is not using class time wisely. Aside from that, here are some items that I suggest students complete as "homework."

    Joyful reading: at least 20 minutes per day is suggested. As you know, reading is very important. I encourage your child to read at home every day. I want this reading to be FUN. Your child can read any material of his or her choice. Also, I highly encourage family read aloud! Reading TO your child is extremely beneficial to their reading growth, comprehension, and vocabulary development. Read together, make it fun!

    Math fact practice: Throughout the year, I will teach the students a number of math fluency games. It is very important that students our fluent with their math facts within 20.  Students will be encouraged to play their math games with you at home. Similar to reading, I would like this to be JOYFUL math practice. There will also be a number of math activities posted on my website throughout the year.


    Spelling words: Your child will be given plenty of time in class to practice spelling. However, if he/she prefers to practice at home, that is of course, encouraged. Try to make it fun. There are some spelling websites in the link section, in which kids can enter their spelling lists and practice their words online.

    That's it! No homework! Be a family! Be active! Your evenings are valuable. Your kids are working hard all day. Let them play when they get home. Have dinner together. Take a walk. All of these activities are much more healthy and will contribute to your child's overall well being, and, therefore, will contribute to your child's academic success. :)



     Mr. Canfield