Kagan Cooperative Learning

  • What is Kagan Cooperative Learning?

    In our classroom we will be using Kagan cooperative Learning Structures throughout the year.  Kagan emphasizes simple structures that can be used as part of any lesson.  The focus is integrating cooperative learning into every lesson.   Students will work on working in teams, classbuilding, teambuilding, management skills, social skills, communication skills, decision making, and the four principles.

    The four principles are:

    Positive Interdependence

    Does one doing well help others?

    Does a task depend on everyone doing their part?

    Individual Accountability

    Everyone must perform.  Students can not hide.

    Equal Participation

    Is participation equal?  Students either take turns or have a predetermined amount of time to share.

    Simulataneous Interaction

    What percent of students are performing at any one time?