Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policy

    As you know, a child's social and academic success in school can only be nurtured to its full potential if he/she is on time and present in the classroom each and every single day. While there are circumstances that cannot be avoided (such as sicknesses), we would appreciate your help in ensuring that your 2nd grader is making attendance a priority this school year.

    If your child is absent, running late, leaving early, or has an appointment during school hours, please refer to Riverside's Attendance Policy below:

    • A phone call to 565-4725 (Operation Concern) is required when a child is absent
    • If an absence (or early departure) is due to a medical appointment, a note or fax (565-4708) directly from the doctor must be provided
    • When a child has accumulated 5 tardies, 5 absences, 5 early dismissals, or a combination of any of these, parents will receive written notification. *Please also note: The Handbook states that these absences may be investigated by school officials.
    WHAT CONSTITUTES A TARDY: Any student not in the classroom at 8:40.
    A child arriving late must report directly to the office with his/her parent. While in the office, the child's parent will sign in the child and provide written documentation explaining the reason for the tardy.

    WHAT CONSTITUTES AN ABSENCE: Any student not in class the majority of the day.
    A student will be considered absent for one half of the day if the absence exceeds 90 minutes of the morning (10:10) or afternoon (1:25) session.