Riverside Mission Statement and Policies

  • Riverside Elementary Mission Statement

    We provide a safe, caring community that engages students in learning experiences, enabling them to grow academically and socially in order to become contributing citizens in the global community.


    Riverside Detention Policy

    You may have heard that Riverside Elementary has reminded students of our recess, lunchtime and hallway rules to ensure the safety of all students.


    Anyone who violates these safety rules receives a detention where they have time to think about how important safe behavior is for them and for their friends. 


    Please encourage your student to have fun in a safe and healthy way by following Riverside hallway, lunchtime and recess rules. 


    You will only be alerted of a consequence if your child becomes a repeat offender.

    Riverside Elementary

    Student Behavior Goal


    The Goal: Students will enter and exit the building and move about the building, lunchroom, and recess grounds in an orderly fashion so as not to disturb the learning of others.


    The Expectations:

    -       Students will walk single file with hands to self.

    -       Students will walk quietly (meaning no talking or whispering)

    -       Students will not run in the halls.

    -       Students will line up single file before entering the building.

    -       Students will have two minutes to find their place in line and be quiet (at recess, after the bell or whistle).

    -       Students will not argue with the adult in charge.

    -       Students will follow lunchroom rules including: sitting quietly and keeping food on tray or table.

    -       Students will follow recess rules including: avoiding throwing objects, safely using playground equipment and avoiding rough play.