Parking Lot and Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  • Parking Lot

    Our parking lot is very crowded before school and very, very, VERY crowded at dismissal after school.  Please follow our parking lot rules in order to keep our students, staff and families safe.

    1.  Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the fire lane.  The fire lane is marked by yellow paint.  You may wait for your child there if you stay in your vehicle, but you may not leave your vehicle there unattended.

    2.  Please use the cross-walk where the crossing guard is supervising with the hand-held stop sign. 

    3.  Please do not stop in the driving lane unless directed to do so by our crossing guard.  You may not pick up students from the driving lane.  Don't signal your child to walk/run to the driving lane and get in...sorry.   

    4.  Please buckle your child in.  It is not legal to drive with your child unbuckled.

    5.  Never, ever leave a child unattended in a vehicle.  Not even just for a minute.  

    6.  Thanks for helping us keep our parking lot safe.