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Absences and Tardies

  • Operation Fit starts at 8:30 on the Playground.  On yucky days, Operation Fit will be in the classrooms. 

    School officially begins at 8:40. 

    Breakfast is served immediately when we get to the classroom at 8:40.  If your child needs to eat breakfast at school he/she will need to be in the room when breakfast is served at 8:40. 

    If your little one is later than 9:00 a.m he/she will need to bring a lunch for sure...the lunches are ordered at 9:00 a.m.

    Dismissal is at 3:45 officially...we scoot out one minute or so early so that the big kids don't stampede us...


    As you know, if the little ones aren't here, we can't teach them.  It is so important that  your child come to school daily and arrive on time.  It is also important that the little ones stay the whole day.  Of course we are certainly aware that kids get sick and/or have important appointments from time to time.  Please be aware of the following guidelines as indicated in our handbook.

    Children are expected to be in the classroom when school begins at 8:40.  If they are not in the classroom they will be marked late.  We do have to mark them late even if they are only late by a minute or two.  It is required that parents sign their late children in at the office for all tardies. 

    Children who are late by less than 90 minutes will be marked tardy.  Children who arrive at school 90 minutes or more after the bell will be marked absent for that half of the day. 

    It is required that you let the school know if your child is sick and will not be in school.  Please call Operation Concern if your child will not be in school.     565-4725

    It is required that documentation for absences be provided whenever possible.  If you take your child to the doctor/dentist/counselor for an appointment and they miss school please have that provider write a note for us as documentation.  We will need that documentation when your child returns to school. 

    If a child has 5 or more unexcused absences, tardies or leave-earlies the school district is required to contact the parents. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Leaving early is counted as a Tardy.  Leaving early has to happen sometimes (for doctor appointments etc.) but it is quite disruptive so please try to limit the number of times your child must leave early.  


    Please note:  Sometimes a little one gets dropped off in front of the school on time, but then he/she takes a long, long time to actually make it down to the classroom and then they are late.  Please remind your child to go right to the classroom when he/she gets dropped off. 

    For most families the above stated rules are no issue at all.  We don't want to sound all harsh and grumpy and stuff.  But, when little ones come in late or not at all they miss learning opportunites.  And, when they come in late they interrupt and disturb the learning of their classmates.  Thanks for your cooperation.  Thank you.

    HEADS UP!  We have to count "leaving early" (even by just a few minutes) as a tardy...


    (If you are going on a family vacation for which your child will be absent there is paperwork in the office for you to fill out in advance and you will need to get Mrs. Martin's approval.