Classroom Teachers

  • Miss Donna:  Classroom Teacher

    Hi, Everybody!  I am glad to work with your child and with you this year.  I always like to know at least a little bit about the people who work with my children, so I am assuming you would like to know some info as well.

    I am a parent, just like you!   I have two children, both of whom went to Riverside.  David is almost 18 and Sarah is 20. David attends the Math and Science Center along with Lakeview High School.  Sarah is in college at MSU!  

    I grew up in South-East Michigan with both of my parents and one sister.  I come from a very close family!

    I graduated from the University of Michigan back in the Stone Ages.  I received a degree in Liberal Arts in addition to my teaching certification.  After the birth of my daughter, I finished my Master's Degree in Elementary Education at Western Michigan University.

    I have been teaching many years!  This is the beginning of my 29th year as an Elementary Teacher.  I have taught Developmental Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grades.  My favorite is Kindergarten!  I have 12 years of experience teaching Kindergarten.

    Thanks for sharing your children with me!

    Donna Keenan...AKA Miss Donna :)